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Marcel Ruijters


Drawing comics has been my main activity ever since I could write a little. Since 1987, encouraged by the DIY punkrock attitude, I have been self-publishing my work, until it was picked up by publishers in The Netherlands and abroad. In 2008 my graphic novel Inferno was awarded and in 2015 I received the Stripschapprijs, a domestic lifetime achievement award. Beside this, I have been an editor of Zone 5300 magazine since 1994, writing feature articles and criticism. 

Original Artwork

Original pages from all my books are for sale. Please inquire by email about availablity and prices inc. shipping costs. Same for drawings. All original art is done in ink on paper on A4 to A3 format except those I did together with Gwen Stok as Juhla, which are on poster format. There is a number of digital and silkscreen prints as well. Very special is the selection of illuminations done on parchment by Romuald Sourisse after my drawings. And check out the Troglodytes figurines, while you are at it. Do I do commissions? Sure. Just drop me a line. And remember: there is plenty more than what is featured on this website.


Clients include mostly Dutch publications.